Cheltenham Returns to The PGL League

The junior squads are looking forward to a return to club gala swimming as the Ross PGL Junior League starts February 2022.

It has been 2 years since the competition has been fully run – 4 rounds of galas followed by a final.

The competition operates with events having maximum times to ensure “A” grade swimmers, swimmers with district times, are unable to compete. Anyone who swims outside the maximum time will be issued with a “speeding” ticket.

Each round 40+ CSWPC swimmers will take part in a friendly competition against other local clubs. Gaining valuable race experience and team cohesion.

Round 1 – West Bromwich Leisure Centre

CSWPC returned to the league in style today!

A stellar 163 points despite some speeding tickets for young racers who were quicker then we thought they were.

Securing first place in our first development gala in a few years.

Every swimmer who raced swam a personal best, and more than a third of the team had never raced before!

To pull the squad together in 3 short weeks since being notified that there was an option to rejoin has been a Herculean task, made slightly more challenging by half term absences and sickness.

Thank you to all the swimmers, parents, supporters and Marchant’s Coaches – their bus driver got us up the motorway safely whilst storms battered UK.

Round 2 – Abbey Stadium, Redditch

Having swum too fast in parts of the squad in round 1, CSWPC decided to swim an (even) less experienced team for round 2. With the majority of swimmers racing for the first time ever, or returning to competition after an extended lay off.

The team outperformed expectation across the board. Most notable were the personal best swims, the very low number of technical disqualifications, and some superhuman efforts from our 9 year olds who ended up swimming up age groups to fill gaps.

CSWPC came third with a massive 134 points, which was a fantastic achievement.

At the end of round 2 we are in 6th place overall in the table of 16 teams.

Well done swimmers, parents, coaches – onwards to round 3, on April 9th at our home pool, Leisure@ in Cheltenham.

Round 3 – Leisure@, Cheltenham

A final mix up of squads and swimmers ensured that everyone in the club who was available was considered for selection for the home gala. As is the way there were the usual speeding tickets, so swimmers swimming too fast but still invaluable experience for all.

CSWPC achieved 124 points in this round putting them in 10th place overall in the table after 3 rounds.

Well done everyone who took part and special thanks for the many officials, helpers and runners that are required to run a home gala. Particular thanks to Tony Bliss who stepped up, yet again, in his role as adopted referee and a special mention to Sally Walker who will never forget to print timekeeping slips for a home round again!

Final round is on home ground, Leisure@, but hosted by Tewkesbury.

Round 4 – Leisure@, Cheltenham (Hosts Tewkesbury)

In the final round, fielding a slightly stronger team, we once again demonstrated the depth of talent in CSWPC. Freddie Walker captained the boys team, Eloise Dransfield the girls; both took good care of the younger swimmers an at one point managed to hols the relay team on the blocks while a younger swimmer went to the steps without touching the wall at the end of their replay leg!!! We got 2 points – lightning quick thinking an maturity from the seniors.

Alfie Clarke (multi discipline) was instructed to swim as fast as he could, as it was clear he was going to be too strong for the field but he had never raced before. He delighted spectators and the team by racing what would be a regional qualification time in the 50m free (a bit quick for PGL!).

Three of the younger swimmers (Otto, Poppy and James C) also went too fast, going much quicker than their personal best times ad well inside the 2022 county qualification limits.

CSWPC came second with 153 points.

This meant CSWPC finished 7th in the overall table and qualified for the A final on Saturday 25th June. Click here to see The Finals Draw


Click here to view the league table and round results