CSWPC is a competitive swim club and offers swimmers the opportunity to swim in club championships, league galas, open meets, county, regional and national competitions, depending on age and ability.

To progress through the appropriate standards for these competitions, the swimmers are streamed into the following squads based on attendance, commitment and ability:

  • Academy – bridge between swim school and competitive swimming
  • Swim Skills (squads 3, 4 and 5) – building technique
  • Train to Train (squad 2)– building the engine
  • Train to Compete (squad 1) – optimising the engine
  • Training and Fitness – keeping fit

The coaches are constantly assessing training requirements. Squad changes are made by the head coaches and you will be informed of any change via email.


Train to Train (T2T) and Train to Compete (T2C)

Training expectations:

  • Attendance is expected to be a minimum of 80% over the season. Compromises will only be made with prior agreement with the coaches. Allowances will be made for swimmers who compete in other sports and also during exam periods.
  • A swimmers position within each squad will be reviewed at any time if attendance is below the acceptable minimum.
  • It is important that swimmers carry out pre-swim stretching, and finish all sessions with post-swim stretching. We see this as an integral part of the training process. Swimmers must be poolside a minimum of 5 minutes before sessions start.
  • Swimmers are expected to attend training before and after competitions.
  • Swimmers should strive to maintain and improve upon the minimum training.
  • Swimmers must contact the coach if absent or unable to fulfil the criteria.
  • Swimmers who feel they are not in a suitable squad or who want to discuss their options should contact the head coaches.

Recommended Kit List

  • Goggles, plus spare
  • Hat, plus spare
  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Short fins
  • Water bottle
  • Hand paddles
  • Training snorkel
  • Note: We have a range of used fins for sale. See the noticeboard at Leisure@ for details. If you have fins that are too small please donate these to the club to resell, as the money raised will go towards club funding.


Recommended suppliers


Volunteer help

We are always looking for parent squad reps to be a point of contact between the swim squads and the technical committee. A key part of the role is to help new parents and swimmers to the squad with any questions they may have. We also look for extra helping hands on certain events, such as our Cheltenham ‘SwimFest’ Open Meet and the Primary Schools Swim Gala.

If you would like to help the club on a regular or ad-hoc basis, see our Volunteer page for more information.