County Championships

Counties, Regionals and Nationals are opened when target times are achieved at Open Meets and recorded on the ASA website.

The first benchmark is a Consideration Time (CT), which does not guarantee a swim at counties, or a Qualifying Time (QT), which confirms a swim at the county competition. Brian Armstrong, from the club, will email during November to confirm your swimmer’s qualification to enter County events. County Championships take place in January and February. There are individual races throughout the competition, and the team relay events are held on the last Sunday of Counties. Attendance to events will be confirmed through the club.

County Championships follow the rules and experience of any other open meet by invitation. The times that you are allowed to use are those registered in the previous year between January and December. For example, for County Championships 2018, the qualifying times will have been gained during January 2017 through to December 2017.

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County Championships 2018

2018 was the best performance for CSWPC in recent history, resulting in Cheltenham Swim being placed 7th overall for club performance in Gloucestershire.

In summary, our swimmers qualified for 462 events, a total of 271 girls and 191 boys swam. 142 of our swimmers made it through as finalists. We brought home 8 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals and 16 Bronze medals.  Well done swimmers!

CSWPC at County Championships 2018