Cheltenham Swimming and WaterPolo Club
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Competition Overview

CSWPC Swimming Competition Information

At CSWPC we take a long term view on competitive swimmer development and we hope that our swimmers will train and compete for our Club up to at least school leaving age.  Furthermore, we expect our swimmers to continually improve every year they are in our program.  Consequently, we expect all our members to compete in a progressive program of events, distances and competitions as detailed below in order to realise their full potential in the sport of competitive swimming.  Details of upcoming events are always on Club Notice Boards and normally e-mailed to all.

Challenger Galas

Are open to all swimmers who normally swim on a Tuesday night and can be any distance 25m-100m on any stroke or 100m-200m Individual Medleys.  They are organised by Coaches during the normal Tuesday night training session and are designed to introduce swimmers to competitive swimming and also for Coaches to assess a swimmers speed, fitness, skill and technique.  Times achieved can only be used for entry into CSWPC Club Championships and are also used by Coaches when selecting representative teams.

CSWPC Club Championships

Have been contested for most of the Clubs 100yr+ history and we currently swim a full competitive program of events.  At CSWPC we want to see yearly improvement in all strokes for all swimmers therefore all members are encouraged to compete in as many events as possible.  If you are unsure about which events to enter please speak to your Coach.  Details of medals and Cups to be won are on the annual Club champs Entry Form.  Times achieved may be used for entry into the Gloucestershire County ASA Championships and may also be used by Coaches when selecting representative teams.

Ross PGL Junior League (Level 4)

Is for swimmers aged 9-14yrs under and will normally provide swimmers with their first taste of inter-club competition.  It is a “friendly” league with the emphasis placed firmly on providing the swimmer with the opportunity to learn to race in a less pressurised environment. The galas are great fun! The galas are normally held February – May with a Final in June.  CSWPC has won the League on many occasions and we would normally expect to make the Final.  Coaches will normally try to include as many younger swimmers as possible while still aiming to make the series Final.  Team selections will be made taking into account results from Challenger Gala and Club Championships as well as taking into account a swimmers attendance and attitude at training sessions.

Cotswold League (Level 4)

Is for swimmers aged 11yrs and older and is normally for swimmers who have already had experience of inter-club competition.  Swimmers can only swim in the final if they have competed in one of the preliminary rounds.  Coaches will try and include as many club swimmers as possible in preliminary rounds while ensuring we qualify for the Final.  Swimmers will be select based on all information available to Coaches at the time.  The Team for the final will normally be made of the fastest club swimmers we can field on the day.  Galas are held from January-April with the Final in May.  CSWPC were League Champions in 2010 and 2012 and runners-up in 2011.

Gloucestershire ASA County Championships (Level 2 Competition)

To compete in the County Championships you have to reach a certain qualifying time to be able to enter. All events are covered including long- distance. The Championships are normally held over a series of weekends from Jan – March.

Open Meets (Level 1-3 Competition)

Some swimmers may be advised by Coaches to attend various competitions during the year which will depend on the swimmers individual goals, objectives.  Coaches will advise swimmers/parents as necessary.

Regional / National Competitions (Level 1 Competition)

Swimmers who achieve Regional or National Qualifying times will be eligible to compete at the various competitions on offer.  Coaches will advise swimmers accordingly.

British Swimming Information on Competition Levels

British Swimming has assigned four tiers of structured competition for competitive swimming (LTAD). Open Meets are licensed according to the purpose of their competition as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4.

  • Level 1 is aimed at national qualifiers and swimmers close to national qualification looking for opportunities to achieve national qualifying times. These meets take place in 50m pools and have set minimum qualifying times for entry.
  • Level 2 is also aimed at national and regional qualifiers and swimmers close to regional qualification. These meets take place in 25m pools and also have a set minimum standard for entry.
  • Level 3 is for club swimmers who are seeking regional and county qualifying times. These meets have qualifying times and upper limit times set at an appropriate level and will provide a programme throughout the year to support the requirements of swimmers below regional level.
  • Level 4 is for club swimmers and those beginning to enter individual open competition.

National qualifying times will be accepted from meets licensed at Levels 1 and 2. Regional qualifying times will be accepted from meets licensed at Level 1, 2