Cheltenham Swimming and WaterPolo Club
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Club Swimming Records

CSWPC Swimming Records

25m Pool unless stated @ 19/11/2013


33.3mFreestyle17.89H. McCarthy2009Club Champs
50mFreestyle25.20*H. McCarthy2012National Champs, Sheffield
100mFreestyle54.90*H. McCarthy2012National Youth Champs, Sheffield
200mFreestyle2:04.70*H. McCarthy2013City of Sheffield Premier Meet, Sheffield
400mFreestyle4:25.90*S. Tebbs2013SWRASA Champs
800mFreestyle9:17.34H. McCarthy2010Glos. County ASA Champs
1500m (SC)Freestyle17:54.73H. McCarthy2010Glos. County ASA Champs
1500m (LC)Freestyle18:59.04K. Nimmo2009Sandford Lido
50mBackstroke29.96H. McCarthy2011Glos. County ASA Champs
100mBackstroke1:05.73H. McCarthy2010ASA Inter-County Champs
200mBackstroke2:24.53E-K. Tapsell2001Glos. County ASA Champs
50mBreaststroke36.68M. Cumming2006Glos. County ASA Champs
100mBreaststroke1:16.40H. Watts1996Glos. County ASA Champs
200mBreaststroke2:45.70H. Watts1996Glos. County ASA Champs
50mButterfly28.20*H. McCarthy2012Celtic Tri-Nations Meet, Dublin
100mButterfly1:04.58H. McCarthy2011Glos. County ASA Champs
200mButterfly2:34.39S. Tebbs2013Glos. City Level 2 Open Meet
100mIM1:05.83H. McCarthy2012Glos. County ASA Champs
200mIM2:25.90*S. Tebbs2013SWRASA Champs
400mIM5:13.40*S. Tebbs2013Bristol Level 1 Open Meet


33.3mFreestyle15.59J. Robins2005Club Champs
50mFreestyle23.20*W. Cannon2013East District Open & Grand Prix, Round 3
100mFreestyle51.40*W. Cannon2013East District Open & Grand Prix, Round 3
200mFreestyle1:53.89L. Bridgman2008Club Champs
400mFreestyle4:05.36L. Bridgman2008Glos. County ASA Champs
800mFreestyle8:35.41L. Bridgman2008Glos. County ASA Champs
1500m (SC)Freestyle16:20.31L. Bridgman2007Glos. County ASA Champs
1500m (LC)Freestyle17:03.90L. Bridgman2008Sandford Lido

D. Fletcher

W. Cannon



FINA World Cup Meet

Millfield & Taunton Deane Open Meet

100mBackstroke1:00.40R. Wilson1999Western Counties ASA Champs
200mBackstroke2:11.00R. Wilson


Open Meet
50mBreaststroke30.00*D. Taylor1998Commonwealth Games Trials
100mBreaststroke1:06.74D. Taylor1998ASA Inter-County Champs
200mBreaststroke2:23.90*D. Taylor1997Age Group Nationals
50mButterfly24.20*W. Cannon2013National Youth Champs, Sheffield
100mButterfly55.00*W. Cannon2013National Youth Champs, Sheffield
200mButterfly2:12.82T. Howells2011Club Champs
100mIM1:00.49D. Fletcher1998FINA World Cup Meet
200mIM2:16.13W. Cannon2010Club Champs
400mIM4:56.27C. Bermingham2003Glos. County ASA Champs

* converted from 50m pool

If any CSWPC swimmer, past or present, believes they have bettered any of the above times while a club member please contact the Head Swimming Coach.