Cheltenham Swimming and WaterPolo Club
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About Us

Welcome to Cheltenham Synchro.

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We are one of the three disciplines that make up the Cheltenham Swimming and Water Polo Club (CSWPC), which is affiliated to the Gloucestershire County ASA, ASA South West Region and the ASA.

Currently we have about 50 members, aged 8 to 18, and 8 coaches.

Entry is open to all ages, and the normal entry route is through the Mini Synchro scheme which is an after-school activity to introduce swimmers to synchro. New members need only be generally good swimmers and confident in deep water, although a background in dance and/or gymnastics can be helpful. Depending on ability swimmers will progress through age groups and skill levels.

Training takes place several times a week (see timetable) and includes some land training which is essential for posture and splits.

Training costs are determined by the squad you are in, and all swimmers must be paid-up members of the CSWPC and the ASA. The current training and membership costs are here

Cheltenham Synchro enter competitions at club and regional level several times a year giving swimmers the chance to show off their skills and gain experience at performing in front of spectators.

The aim of Cheltenham Synchro is to offer the swimmers a friendly but thorough training in a sport which, over time, results in high levels of fitness, good team working skills and confidence but at the same time offers lots of fun and friendships.

If you are interested in finding out more please email .