Cheltenham Swimming and WaterPolo Club
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Water Polo Training Times

Practice Session in Advance of Inter-Regional Championships I have attempted to find pool availability that does not clash with other events so as to have a practice session before the Inter-Regional Championships. The details of these are set out below and I would be grateful if you could confirm your availability to attend ASAP. Assuming the majority of each team can attend the practice session will run. I shall confirm ASAP once the majority of responses have been received.

• Female Team

Friday 19th June 2015 1915-2100 at Pyramids Leisure Centre, Exeter. Cost of Session £5.

• Male Team Sat 4th July 2015 1930-2100 at GL1 Leisure Centre – Gloucester. Cost of Session £5.


James Baker (Jaggers)

General Secretary (Water Polo Committee) – ASA SW Region


Squad Week
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  2045 to2200 at Pittville   2045 to2215 at Pittville      
Senior Ladies     2100 to 2200 at Dean Close        
Intermediate  1915 to2015 at Lido 2045 to 2200at  Pittville 2000 to 2100 at Dean Close 1900 to 2045 at Pittville South West Regional Training Centre 1900 to2100 at GL1   1700 to1830 at Pittville
Mini Water Polo   1600 to 1645at Pittville          
  1645 to1730 at Pittville          
Junior Development             1600 to1700 at Pittville