Club Honours Badges were first introduced around 1910 and were presented to Water Polo players who had played ten or more times for the Club’s Senior First Team. At that time there were only seven players in a team and substitutes were not allowed even for injury. The badges awarded were cloth Costume badges and worn on full-length costumes, they can be seen in the pictures of the teams of the period. By the 1970’s Club Costumes had given way to trunks and the cloth badge gave way to metal lapel badges, which players wore on their blazers. At this time it was decided to extend the distinction of having an Honours Badge to all the disciplines for both men and women.


This year the General Committee (the governing body of the Club) decided to revise the achievements required to qualify for the Club’s Honours Badge to remain up to date with current competition conditions and standards. The current qualifying conditions are detailed below together with how to apply for a Club Honours Badge, for which there is no charge.  See the ‘How to Join the Club‘ page under ‘Existing Member Resources’ for further details.