Request for volunteers: PLEASE READ.

Dear Parents / Guardians of CSWPC Swimmers,

We are due to start a new course for people to become qualified J1/TK swimming officials and are still looking for a few more people to come forward. There are two key reasons why the club needs swimming officials:

  1. So we can licence our own club champs as an ASA level 4 event, so that the times qualify for county and regional times.
  2. So that we can participate in open meets and competitions such as Arena, Cotswold & PGL leagues, where typically we have to provide 1 qualified official for every 5 swimmers we enter.

You may not realise, but to licence a level 4 gala (club champs), we need a minimum of 13 qualified officials for a 6 lane pool to meet ASA regulations ! (1 x J2S, 1 x J2, 2 x J1 and 9 x J1/TK). Currently the club has only 2 x J2 & 4 x J1 qualified officials who are available, with a further 4 half way through the course.

The J1/TK officials course involves a couple of classroom sessions (paid by the club), 10 x poolside practical sessions and then a simple Q&A/poolside test. The may sound a bit onerous, but is actually pretty straightforward, and myself and the other qualified officials in the club are here to help and guide you through the process! If we can at least get a number of people signed off as timekeepers (TK) then that will help the club champs enormously.

Once qualified and you make yourself available to officiate at open meets, this often has the benefit that your child will be accepted into open meets even when entries are full, as most events struggle to get enough officials. Aside from really helping the club and your child to enter swimming events, it is actually very rewarding to do and also provides you with a (free) poolside view when your child is swimming. If enough of us become qualified, we can share the load at various events, whereas currently it is the same 6 people having to provide officials cover at galas, even though there are usually 30 + CSWPC children swimming.

If you are prepared to participate, please email / text me your email/phone details, or leave them on the attached sign-up sheet (at Leisure@). The next course will run so that the next cohort of J1 candidates can get signed off at the county champs in Jan/Feb 2017.

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email / numbers below.

Many thanks in advance for your help and support!

Richard Flitton (CSWPC Officials Coordinator) / 07920 847 010