Attention: Swimming Parents / Guardians – Expanding the Number of Swimming Officials

Dear Parents / Guardians of CSWPC Swimmers,

In order to participate in respective swimming competitions, galas and for our club champs times to be recognised, the club has to put forward a pro-rata number of qualified swimming officials for each respective event.  Unfortunately, the club currently has a critically low number of ASA qualified swimming officials, and as a result our ability to enter competitions etc is now in serious jeopardy.

We have attempted to increase the number of officials in recent years, but unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the number of people actually completing the J1 qualification has been disappointingly low. We are now about to start a new J1 course, and are looking for volunteers who are prepared to make the commitment to complete the course and become a qualified J1. To complete the course, each candidate is required to:

  • Complete 2 x 1 hour classroom sessions paid by the club, to understand the duties of a J1 official. These are run during one of the club swimming nights at Leisure@
  • Complete 10 x poolside practical sessions for each of the J1 duties (i.e timekeeper inspector of turns, chief timekeeper & chief inspector of turns). These can be completed at our club champs, and also respective swimming events, where you are assigned a mentor to help your understanding. Each gala session counts as 1 practical session (i.e at county champs, you could complete 3 in one day).
  • Complete a practical poolside test under the supervision of an ASA qualified official to check your knowledge. This is normally done at the county champs.
  • Complete a Q&A session (based upon the J1 workbook), which is normally carried out by the Gloucester ASA official’s coordinator at the County champs.

The above sounds a bit onerous, but is really pretty straightforward, and I will be able to help and guide you through the process! You can also go on to become a J2 or even a referee!

Aside from really helping the club and your child to enter swimming events, it is actually very rewarding to do and also provides you with a poolside view when your child is swimming. If enough of us become qualified, we can share the load at various events.

If you are prepared to participate, please leave your contact details on the sign-up sheet (at Leisure@). The next course will run in early November, so that the next cohort of J1 candidates can get signed off at the county champs in Jan/Feb 2016.

Many thanks in advance for your help & support!

Richard Flitton (CSWPC Officials Coordinator)